INE PANWorking Papers are an electronic continuation of the publishing series published in the printed version in the years 1995-2003 . INE PAN Working Papers present preliminary versions of scientific texts (articles, book chapters, papers). The publications are of a working nature, their purpose is twofold. First, to obtain comments that will enable the development of a better version of the text. Secondly, the development of knowledge and stimulating discussion in the field of economic sciences. The texts are not reviewed and are not subject to language correction.

Authors interested in publishing draft versions of their papers may send them to the following address:

Conditions for the adoption of the text: the scientific nature of the article and the fulfillment of formal requirements. Texts can be in Polish or English.

Formal requirements: page format: A4; text format: PDF, doc, docx; text font: 11-12 points; line spacing: 1.5; bilateral alignment; on the first page there must be: the author's name and surname, the title of the work, the abstract (between the title and the introduction), under the abstract: keywords (3-5) and JEL codes (3-5); at the bottom of the first page: authors' affiliation with e-mail address; the text should contain: introduction, main part divided into chapters and subchapters, conclusion/conclusions, bibliography; bibliographic footnotes in the text in round brackets; explanatory footnotes at the bottom of the page; page numbering: centered at the bottom of the page; tables and charts should have continuous numbering within the text; bibliography should be placed at the end of the text; appendices should be placed after the bibliography. Note: The title page is added by the editors.

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