The aim of the course is to familiarize students with the possibilities provided by Google applications and the principles of their effective use in the implementation of the tasks of a modern enterprise.

The topics of the classes focus on the practical aspects of using the potential of tools provided by Google in the processes of collecting and processing information and organizing group work. Students develop their knowledge about the possibility of using Google applications in information management, organization of company communication, marketing research and data analysis.

The course develops the skills of practical use of functions provided by selected Google applications in the implementation of typical business activities and in the automation of information flow and cooperation processes in the organization.

During the classes, students acquire the ability to combine individual functions of the Google application in order to organize an effective work environment and electronic document circulation.

The practical nature of the classes is conducive to developing students' skills in the free use of Google documents, sheets and forms, managing access rights to data repositories and organizing the conditions of cooperation within task teams.

Witold Wilk, MA

Analyst of business processes and information systems. A specialist in the field of process modeling as well as designing and improving the architecture of enterprise business processes. Lecturer at WSB - National Louis University in Nowy Sącz, Cracow University of Economics, SWPS University in Warsaw, expert cooperating with the Process and Network Analysis Laboratory of the INE PAN. The main area of his professional interests are issues related to analysis and decision support, business process modeling and the use of IT tools in management. He has extensive experience in the implementation of research and application projects in the field of managerial education as well as in the design, creation and practical use of simulation decision-making games supporting the education process. He implements projects in the field of process reorientation and coordinates the implementation of IT systems in enterprises.

Organization of classes

Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays at 9.00-16.30 once a month for 4 months. The course is conducted online.

Price for the course is 3000 PLN

Admission is ongoing

The course will start after the group is assembled


Daniel Habura – Head of the Teaching Department

phone 22 656 34 31, 535 006 790

email: dhabur[at]