Postgraduate studies "Advanced Methods of Data Analysis: Applications of Data Science in Business", hereinafter referred to as DS studies, will be conducted in the field of social sciences and mathematical and natural sciences. The study program corresponds to the following disciplines: economics and finance, management and quality sciences, mathematics and computer science.

The studies are dedicated to graduates of economics and mathematics and natural sciences who want to broaden their skills in the latest methods of data analysis. Over the last decade, a significant decrease in the cost of data collection and processing has been observed. Therefore, the skills of interdisciplinary data processing and analysis are currently sought after on the labor market. The aim of DS Studies is to respond to the global trend of changes in the labor market related to the creation of new professions dedicated to data analysis and processing.

The main goal of DS studies is to develop the analytical competence of program participants. The growing availability of a huge amount of data and the reduction of the cost of their storage and processing make the quality of the data analysis process crucial for making optimal business decisions.

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