The course aims to familiarize participants with the issue of cultural competences and their impact on the management of an organization that is nationally, demographically, geographically and subculturally diverse. Cultural competences will be presented as a factor shaping both the culture of the organization and influencing the management style and communication of each of the leaders.

During the course, participants will learn about cultural models that define the sources of cultural differences in business. They will gain knowledge about the impact of differences on behavior and management. They will develop intercultural communication skills, use different leadership styles and create the desired organizational culture.

Course Objectives:

  • familiarizing students with the sources of cultural differences in business and developing the ability to apply them in management practice
  • providing in-depth knowledge of the impact of cultural differences on leadership style and communication, as well as practicing the ability to use it in everyday work
  • getting to know the model of cultural competences and ways to develop them
  • development of knowledge about the organizational culture of multinational organizations, the impact of individual cultures on assumptions, values and behaviors.

Izabela Markiewicz-Czapinska, MA
Consultant and trainer specializing in intercultural management, communication and organizational culture. A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration and the program of The Chartered Institute of Marketing. Her fascination with interculturality dates back to high school, when she moved to Tripoli with her parents. She carried out her first intercultural projects while working for a Scandinavian consulting company, combining cooperation between several markets. She is particularly interested in intercultural people management, leadership as well as communication and culture of multinational organizations. She supports the management in the implementation of international projects and the development of individual cultural competences.

Founder of CCIQ Cross Cultural Intelligence, author of articles on intercultural management, lecturer (WSB-NLU Nowy Sącz, SWPS Warszawa, Collegium Civitas).

Licensed trainer and provider of Trompenaars Humpden-Turner Intercultural Awareness Profiler.

Cooperates with: Delphi, Coca-Cola HBC, ColgatePalmolive, Carlsberg, NokiaSiemensNetworks, Accenture, Tamfelt, Nordea, Roche, Vattenfall, CanPack S.A., Brown Forman, BZWBK Santander Group, TMobile, Royal Greenland, City Hall in Szczecin, TRW.

Organization of classes

Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays at 9.00-16.30 once a month for 4 months. The course is conducted online.

Price for the course is 3000 PLN

Admission is ongoing

The course will start after the group is assembled


Daniel Habura – Head of the Teaching Department

phone 22 656 34 31, 535 006 790

email: dhabur[at]