The "Master of Business Administration in Utilities" postgraduate studies, hereinafter referred to as MBAU studies, will be conducted in the field of social sciences, in the field of economic sciences and at the intersection of the following disciplines: economics and finance as well as management and quality sciences.

The studies are dedicated to managers of water supply companies in the Utilities sector and are focused on contemporary trends in economics - finance - management. MBAU students acquire interdisciplinary knowledge and skills necessary for an innovative approach to company management. The subject matter of the courses and the professional staff determine the uniqueness of the study program.

The main goal of MBAU is to develop managerial competences of program participants, focused on the needs and challenges of the public utility sector and water supply companies. Growing awareness and customer requirements, as well as new threats related to the provision of products and services, determine the need for continuous improvement of water company management methods. It is therefore necessary to equip managers and employees with economic and managerial knowledge, leadership and technical skills as well as values focused on innovative problem solving.

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