The course will cover key issues in international finance. It should include the basic content of a typical lecture on international finance, but also the most important contemporary financial processes and events occurring on international financial markets and in real economies.

The aim of the course is to familiarize students with the conditions of the functioning of modern financial markets and financial processes accompanying the functioning of economies in the international dimension. Traditional topics in the field of international finance include issues such as the balance of payments, exchange rate issues, the functioning of international financial organizations (IMF, IBRD, FSB), the conditions of the monetary integration process in Europe or the financial issues of international enterprises. It will be supplemented with a description of such processes as the development of the unregulated financial sphere (shadow banking) or the use of financial technologies on an increasing scale both in the capital market (high frequency trading) and in areas of the financial market dedicated to retail customers (electronic payments, cryptocurrencies). One of the assumptions of the course is to capture the dynamic changes resulting from the digitization of the global financial system.

dr hab. Piotr Łasak

Dr. hab. Piotr Łasak, prof. Jagiellonian University - is an employee of the Institute of Economics, Finance and Management of the Jagiellonian University. His research, publications and teaching activities focus on banking and international finance. The main research topics include: the development of financial markets, regulation and supervision of the banking sector, mechanisms leading to the occurrence of financial and currency crises, and the development of the shadow banking system. Currently, the research topic being developed is the issue of the impact of financial technologies on the transformation of the financial market, with particular emphasis on the banking sector. He is the author of several dozen publications devoted to the above-mentioned topics.

Organization of classes

Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays at 9.00-16.30 once a month for 4 months. The course is conducted online.

Price for the course is 3000 PLN

Admission is ongoing

The course will start after the group is assembled


Daniel Habura – Head of the Teaching Department

phone 22 656 34 31, 535 006 790

email: dhabur[at]