mgr Marek KAPERA


Center for Studies on Inequality

Research interest:

Decision theory, Microeconomics, Learning, Inequality of Opportunity

+48 609 686 255

Curriculum vitae

About me:

The leading idea of my research interests is to understand how people make their decision, and how they perceive the world. This is why decision theory, and more broadly, microeconomics, is my main area of interest. However learning, updating of the individual’s beliefs regarding the world, and also theory of inequality – which I perceive as intrinsically connected to the decision theory. Even though those topics lie between economics and psychology, I strongly believe, that it is economics that proposes the correct method to apply to those fields of study – even when it comes to as fundamental topics as belief formation and personal systems of values. At the moment, I am in charge of the National Center of Science research grant Preludium, titled “Preference discovery, experiments and learning”, where I study the consumer that discovers their own preferences through consumption, without intrinsic knowledge of  own tastes. The results of my research were presented at international conferences, including The Eighth Meeting of the Society for the Study of Economic Inequality (ECINEQ) and The European Workshop on Economic Theory.


Working Papers

  1. Kapera, M. (2022). Learning own preferences through consumption. RePEc:
  2. Kobus, M., Kapera, M. & Peragine, V. (2020) Measuring multidimensional inequality of opportunity. WIDER Working Paper 2020/19. Helsinki: UNU-WIDER.