The Central Commission for Degrees and Titles, pursuant to Art. 18a sec. 5 of the Act of March 14, 2003 on Academic Degrees and Titles and Degrees and Titles in the Field of Art (Journal of Laws of 2016, item 882, as amended), on April 11, 2017, appointed a habilitation committee, composed of which includes:

  1. head of the commission — prof. Andrzej Wojtyna — Economic University in Cracow,
  2. secretary of the commission — dr hab. Tomasz Łyziak — INE PAN,
  3. reviewer — prof. Tadeusz Markowski — University of Łódź,
  4. reviewer — prof. Jacek Szlachta — Warsaw School of Economics,
  5. reviewer — prof. Mirosława Czerny – Uniwersity of Warsaw,
  6. member of the commission — prof. Andrzej Miszczuk — Uniwersity of Warsaw,
  7. member of the commission— dr hab. Anna Bąkiewicz — University of Social Sciences in Łódź,

in order to conduct the habilitation procedure of dr. Łukasz PIĘTAK initiated on January 30, 2017 in the field of economic sciences in the discipline of economics.

The progress of the promotion process is presented in the documents below (click on them to open them):