Inequalities Research Center

Research interest:

optimal taxation theory, optimal financing of higher education, social inequalities, macroeconomics (labor market economics)


Curriculum vitae

O mnie:

The focus of my academic research is the optimal taxation of human capital, an area at the intersection of economics and social policy. I am the project director of a project funded by the National Science Center entitled "Paid or Free Tertiary Education? Investment in Human Capital and the Role of the Family: Optimal Taxation Approach". In this project, I focus on analyzing optimal models for financing higher education, taking into account the impact of parental support on the development of their children's human capital and the availability of financial aid for students. In addition, my research includes studies on the impact of an aging society on labor market dynamics.


Artykuły w czasopismach

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  2. Radomska, S. (2021). Prognozowanie indeksu WIG20 za pomocą sieci neuronowych NARX i metody SVM. Bank i Kredyt, 52(5), 457-472.
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