Institute of Economics, Polish Academy of Sciences conducts doctoral studies and post-graduate studies for graduates of higher education. The Institute pays particular attention to educational issues as its mission to serve society and statutory duty to educate and multiply the knowledge and skills of the academic staff and qualifications of managers of socio-economic life.

Doctoral and postgraduate studies at INE PAN are a proposal for people who want to improve professionally and scientifically, broaden their horizons, update knowledge, but also for those who plan to expand their skills, retraining and change the field of professional activity.

In the 2018/2019 academic year, we invite you to study at the following types of studies:

  1. Postgraduate broad profile professional studies:
    • Executive Doctor of Business Administration (EDBA) in Polish, post-graduate studies in economics with elements of management for managers (link)
    • Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) in Polish, post-graduate studies (link)
  2. Postgraduate specialized vocational studies:

INE PAN has the right to confer the title of doctor and postdoctoral degree in economics.

All classes take place at the Palace of Culture and Science or at the Staszic Palace at ul. Nowy Świat 72

Contact details for Heads and Secretaries of Studies can be found on the pages of particular faculties.

Program of study

Head of the Program

Secretary of the Program


Hours of admission

1. Executive Doctor of Business Administration Prof. Krzysztof Bartosik mgr Aneta Jasińska;
Tel. 22 656 64 31 mobile 606 754 673
Mon-Fri 9.00-15.00 room 2324


2. Executive Master of Business Administration Dr hab. Joanna Cygler mgr Aneta Jasińska;
Tel. 22 656 64 31 mobile 606 754 673
Mon-Fri 9.00-15.00 room 2324
3. Accounting dr Leszek Borowiec  mgr Daniel Habura

Tel. 22 656 64 38, mobile +48 535 006 790

Mon-Fri 9.00-15.00 room 2324
4. Master of Business Administration in English dr Anna Ujwary-Gil  mgr Daniel Habra

Address for correspondence:

Didactic Department of INE PAN
Palace of Culture and Science, Pl. Defilad 1
00-901 Warsaw,

23th floor, room 2324

tel / fax: 022 656 64 31, 38