Economic Studies 2018

Economic Studies no 1-2/2018 CONTENTS EDITORIAL  – Łukasz Hardt ARTICLES Jarosław BORUSZEWSKI, Procedural Semantics and Economic Models Łukasz HARDT, Economic Models and Ceteris Normalibus Laws Robert MRÓZ, Weberian Perspective on Value Judgements in Economic Models – an Application to Methodological Value Judgements Contained in the Austrian Business Cycle Theory and the Real Business Cycle Theory Krzysztof […]

Economic Studies 2017

List of reviewers in 2017 Economic Studies No 4/2017 ARTICLES Krzysztof MARCZEWSKI, The secular stagnation hypothesis Ewa FREYBERG, The usefulness of the Neo-Functionalism theory in the analysis of the process of integration and disintegration of the European Union Ruslan Semenovich GRINBERG,  Democracy and the market: in search of balance Ewa CIEŚLIK, Revealed comparative advantage and […]

Economic Studies 2016

List of reviewers in 2016   Economic Studies No. 4/2016 EDITOR’S INTRODUCTION Barbara BŁASZCZYK, Editor’s introduction ARTICLES Barbara BŁASZCZYK, Some aspects of privatization reversal in transition countries: the case of Poland and Hungary Piotr KOZARZEWSKI, Changes in the ownership policy of the polish state Peter MIHALYI, Renationalization and recentralization in Hungary, 2010-2016 Miklos SOMAI, Changing […]